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Adidas and FC Bayern Munich Unveil Captivating Oktoberfest Special Edition Jersey


Adidas and FC Bayern Munich have joined forces once again to launch a brand-new Oktoberfest special edition jersey. Building on the tremendous success of last year’s Oktoberfest edition, the new jersey presents a fresh interpretation that celebrates the spirit of the iconic beer festival. With its rich dark red hue and a subtle vertical diamond pattern adorning the front, this jersey promises to captivate fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Incorporating elements of tradition and elegance, such as the golden club badge, sleeve accents, and the iconic three victory stripes, the design establishes a seamless connection with the club’s classic attire. Additionally, the jersey pays homage to Bavarian heritage with the intricate patterns inspired by traditional embroidery surrounding the club badge. To top it all off, the new jersey proudly showcases the eye-catching logo of sponsor Deutsche Telekom on the chest for the first time. Let’s delve deeper into the exquisite details of this highly anticipated Oktoberfest special edition jersey.

  1. Embracing the Oktoberfest Vibe: The Oktoberfest special edition jersey embraces the essence of the renowned beer festival with its dominant dark red color scheme. This hue evokes a sense of sophistication and aligns perfectly with the traditional Oktoberfest aesthetics. The jersey’s captivating design allows fans to celebrate the festivities while displaying their unwavering support for FC Bayern Munich.
  2. Subtle Elegance in Detail: A striking feature of the jersey is the vertical diamond pattern that elegantly runs down the front. This subtle yet eye-catching design element adds depth and texture to the jersey, enhancing its overall visual appeal. The pattern is a nod to the festival’s decorative traditions, creating a harmonious blend of modern sportswear and Bavarian cultural motifs.
  3. Golden Accents of Prestige: The golden accents found throughout the jersey elevate its overall prestige and aesthetic appeal. The club badge, sleeve cuffs, and the iconic victory stripes on the shoulders are all meticulously crafted in shimmering gold. These elements symbolize the club’s rich history and success, adding a touch of elegance to the Oktoberfest special edition jersey.
  4. Traditional Bavarian Inspiration: The intricate patterns surrounding the club badge draw inspiration from Bavarian traditional embroidery. This homage to local heritage reflects the strong cultural roots of FC Bayern Munich and its close association with the region. The jersey becomes a canvas that intertwines the worlds of sports and tradition, connecting fans to the club’s local identity.
  5. Sponsorship Spotlight: In a notable addition, the Oktoberfest special edition jersey proudly showcases the new logo of sponsor Deutsche Telekom on the chest. This prominent placement of the sponsor’s logo highlights their ongoing partnership with FC Bayern Munich and their support for the club. It serves as a testament to the global appeal and commercial success of both the club and the Oktoberfest special edition jersey.


The collaboration between Adidas and FC Bayern Munich has resulted in the creation of a remarkable Oktoberfest special edition jersey. Through its dark red hue, intricate patterns, and golden accents, the jersey encapsulates the spirit of the beer festival while establishing a strong connection to the club’s heritage. With the addition of the new sponsor logo, the jersey embodies the fusion of tradition, modernity, and commercial appeal. Whether you’re a football fanatic or a fashion enthusiast, this Oktoberfest special edition jersey is a must-have, as it seamlessly merges sporting excellence and cultural celebration into a single exquisite garment.

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