Bayern Munich Away Shirt 2022-23
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Bayern Munich Away Shirt 2022-23

Adidas and the Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich club launched a new away jersey for the 2022-23 season tailored for the team.

This away jersey incorporates golden details into the pure white background, in stark contrast to the red and white classics of the home jersey, and strives to create an elegant atmosphere for the team on the away game.The details of the cuffs and the iconic three stripes on the shoulders are rendered in gold, adding a gorgeous visual effect and complementing the overall shape.

The back of the away jersey is decorated with the “Münchner Kindl” pattern, which is in line with the design of last season.As the emblem of Munich, the “Son of Munich” pattern is located under the round neck, symbolizing the link between the team and the city. Even in the away game, the team and hometown are still closely linked.

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