Brazil 2022 World Cup Home Jersey
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Brazil 2022 World Cup Home Jersey

The Portuguese word Garra means “steadfast will or spirit – indomitable courage in the face of difficulty or danger”.However, it also has another meaning, that is, “the sharp claws of some animals”, such as one of the symbols of this country – the jaguar.On the pitch, Garra is all about dribbling, cycling, improvisation, tackling and going forward.Above all, the Jaguars also represent the Brazilian style of play: fierce and artistic.

Inspired by the courage, spirit and resilience of this country, Nike and CBF have launched a new apparel collection themed “Garra Brasileira”.Brazil’s stars will go all out for a sixth star at the end of the year in Qatar.

“For Nike, taking football seriously means respecting the athletes, youth and communities who paint a clear picture of the game,” said Aaron Barnett, Nike Global Soccer Apparel Senior Product Director.”Brazil’s new apparel collection celebrates the grit and creativity of a team that never gives up, a team that embodies the very essence of Nike’s own culture of innovation.”

Inspired by the jaguar, Nike has created an exclusive computer-generated graphic for the Brazil national team.On the classic yellow jersey, this iconic leopard pattern is not only a visual performance, but also enhances the breathability of the jersey. Athletes are more focused on the game.

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