Brazil national team 2019 Copa America home and special edition jersey
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Brazil national team 2019 Copa America home and special edition jersey

Nike, together with the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF), has launched the new jerseys for the Brazilian national team’s participation in this summer’s Copa America tournament on home soil.It includes a special edition white jersey to commemorate Brazil’s first ascent to the pinnacle of American soccer one hundred years ago.

In 1919, Brazil was the host of the Copa America (then known as the South American Football Championship) for the first time, and the team in white made history in that tournament.For the first time, he became the king of American soccer, starting a successful journey that made Brazilian soccer a national symbol.

Blending the classic textures of early soccer in the 1920s with the trendy style of contemporary sports, this special edition America’s Cup jersey pays homage to the beginning of that glorious journey one hundred years ago.

The white jersey is a tribute to the historic championship trophy in 1919. Details such as the classic POLO collar, retro cuffs and player numbers are all blue.

One hundred years later, this summer, also as the host, the Brazilian national team will wear this special edition jersey in the opening match of this Copa America.

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