Club América 2022 Away Shirt
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Club América 2022 Away Shirt

Nike has teamed up with Club América to launch the team’s new second away shirt for the 2022 season.

The design of the new shirt is inspired by the colors and atmosphere of Coapa, the neighborhood where the Eagles’ nest is located, and pays homage to the club’s origins by proudly wearing the passion of the place where the Eagles reside.

The black body complements the colorful patterns on the collar and cuffs. By re-coloring the traditional blue and beige, it expresses the club’s identity in a more novel way.In addition, the words “COAPA” are proudly displayed on the inside of the jersey’s collar to commemorate the birthplace of the team.

The Player Jersey is built with new Nike Dri-FIT ADV technology, combined with high-performance moisture-wicking knit fabric to keep players dry and comfortable while dominating the game.

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