Ghana National Team 2022 World Cup Home Jersey
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Ghana National Team 2022 World Cup Home Jersey

PUMA, the world’s leading sports brand, today unveiled the 2022 home kits of its 10 national teams.Classic teams, classic games, classic jerseys, this new 2022 PUMA national team home jersey collection takes each national team’s unique moments of glory as a starting point, blending bold and bright modern style with soccer’s vintage atmosphere and nostalgia, using new colors and designs to illustrate each national team’s iconic moments.

When the traditional Ghanaian culture meets the spirit of the new era, the 2022 Ghana national team home shirt is the result. The “black star” symbolizing Ghana is placed in the center of the chest of the jersey, and the cuffs are designed to match the colors of the national flag to pay tribute to the iconic moments in the history of the Ghana national team.The Ghana national team will wear the jersey at the World Cup in Qatar at the end of this year.

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