Japan National Team 2022 World Cup Home and Away Jersey
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Japan National Team 2022 World Cup Home and Away Jersey

Adidas and the Japan Football Association (JFA) jointly released the new home and away jerseys of the Japanese national team today. This series will be unveiled by Japanese players during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.Adidas regards the jersey as a creative canvas, hoping to capture and convey the cultural stories of each country by integrating local representative cultural elements.

After the 2002 World Cup final, some 2.7 million paper cranes flew into the sky in Japan to celebrate the birth of a new king.As the new World Cup is approaching, Adidas designed a new jersey based on the concept of origami, inspired by these paper cranes flying into the sky, and expressing them as a symbol of joy and well-being.

The history of the Japanese national team is always advancing through “peaks and troughs”.In Qatar, the host country of this World Cup, the Japanese team has tasted both bitterness and sweetness. They have experienced the “Doha tragedy” where they were only one step away from the World Cup but returned with hatred.But it’s also where the Japanese team reached the top of Asia in 2011.The road ahead is bumpy, always moving forward, combined with the footprints of the Japanese national team to constantly challenge the world,And origami formed by continuous “mountain fold (convex fold)” and “valley fold (concave fold)”,The jersey conveys the message of “Let Joy Infect Japan”, which is full of wishes for victory and joy.

The release of the new jersey is also linked with the football comics “GIANT KILLING (Reverse Supervision)” and “BLUE LOCK (Blue Prison)” and the football game “eFootball™”,Through comics, video games and other Japanese world-renowned culture, the joy of football is passed on to more people, and a strong atmosphere of “let joy infect Japan” is created on the eve of the World Cup.

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