Manchester City Away Shirt 2021-22
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Manchester City Away Shirt 2021-22

The world’s leading sports brand PUMA officially released the 2021-22 season Manchester City Club away jersey today, paying tribute to the club’s global charity action Cityzens Giving, advocating the use of football’s global influence to improve awareness and access to safe water around the world.

Clean, accessible water is critical.One out of every three people in the world currently lacks access to safe drinking water.To help meet this challenge, PUMA has teamed up with Cityzens Giving charity initiative and Xylem, the official water technology partner of Manchester City Club, to propose an innovative global safe water plan to provide clean water to communities in need and improve the environment and personal hygiene.

The eye-catching new jersey features water droplets throughout the design, highlighting the Safe Water Initiative and Cityzens Giving charity.The club crest, brand logo and individual sponsor logos are all iridescently plated to create the visual effect of light passing through water droplets.In addition to supporting the community’s access to clean water, PUMA also uses an innovative Dope Dye manufacturing process in the jersey manufacturing process to significantly reduce the amount of water and dye used in the production process.

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