Manchester City pre-match warm-up jersey
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Manchester City pre-match warm-up jersey

The world’s leading sports brand PUMA and Manchester City have released a limited edition 93:20 pre-match warm-up jersey and special edition 93:20 ULTRA football boots,Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Sergio Agüero’s legendary goal, which will forever be part of Manchester City’s club history.

This pre-match warm-up jersey features a white body with sky blue hoops, as well as navy and gold details.The entire sequence of Sergio Aguero’s iconic goal at 93:20 is frozen in azure streaks, picture after picture telling the story of the famous goal ‘s full story.This pre-match warm-up jersey will be limited to 2012 pieces to commemorate the year of the goal. Each jersey is individually numbered and has a 93:20 mark on the back of the collar.

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