Manchester United Away Shirt 2022-23
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Manchester United Away Shirt 2022-23

Adidas and the Manchester United Club released the new second away jersey for the 2022-23 season today, taking a bold step with a new design while paying tribute to the traditional jerseys of the past.

The all-over Venom Green jersey differentiates itself from the home and away jerseys with its vibrant use of colour, while incorporating geometric patterns similar to the other jerseys this season.

Although never fully used in the design of the jersey before, the green has a strong connection with the history of Manchester United.It has been part of some of the most prestigious moments in the club’s history, evolving from the traditional goalkeeper colours, to the more prominent peripheral colors of recent years.The jersey also features a chic ribbed crewneck featuring a unique graphic inspired by the fashion culture of the 1990s zeitgeist.

Adidas Design Director Inigo Turner said:”Integrating recombined and recoded cultural symbols, the second away jersey for the new season is inspired by Manchester United’s iconic graphic symbols, presented in geometric patterns.We’ve taken these symbols and put a new spin on them with the club’s classic colors to create a fresh, eye-catching set of kits.”

The second away shirt will make its debut on August 13 at Manchester United’s match against Brentford.

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