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PUMA × Italy National Team ULTRAWEAVE Jersey

PUMA, the world’s leading sports brand, introduces ULTRAWEAVE, a new high-performance and lightest garment technology to date, to enable the world’s fastest soccer jersey.The new technology will make its debut on the pitch on October 6, when the Italian men’s national team will wear kits equipped with the technology for the first time in the UEFA Nations League semi-final match against Spain.The Italian women’s national team will also wear the ULTRAWEAVE jersey in subsequent matches.

After years of rigorous testing with PUMA athletes, ULTRAWEAVE is an ultra-lightweight fabric designed to optimize athletic performance.With a base weight of just 72 grams and the ultimate in weight reduction through a lightweight fabric with four-way mechanical stretch, this jersey enables PUMA athletes and teams to be faster and more dynamic.

Soccer is a sport where details win, and every gram is especially important in extreme situations.As part of the Faster Football initiative, PUMA aims to push boundaries and innovate to bring fresh products to soccer that break the mold.ULTRAWEAVE is a unique combination of weaving, assembly and decoration that gives garments specific properties, resulting in high-performance, ultra-lightweight and comfortable garments produced by PUMA in fulfillment of its mission to be the most innovative sports brand in the world.

The Italian men’s national team will benefit from this innovation in the UEFA Nations League semi-final against Spain. This special fabric has been incorporated into the Italian team’s current Renaissance home jersey, and PUMA is showcasing the lightest jersey in this way in one of the most important matches of the season.

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