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AC Milan Home Jersey 2021-22

AC Milan Home Jersey 2021-22

The world’s leading sports brand PUMA officially released the 2021-22 season AC Milan club men’s, women’s and youth football team home jerseys today. At the end of this season’s Serie A, the AC Milan women’s football team will first interpret this jersey in the penultimate round of the league against Sassuolo. The debut of the new jersey of the AC Milan men’s football team is scheduled for the league match against Cagliari on May 17, Beijing time.

The design inspiration of the new AC Milan home jersey “Live like Milan” comes from the unique energy, creativity and Italian style of the city of Milan, reflecting the continuous evolution and innovation of Milan’s urban culture.Under the concept of “inheriting heritage and embracing innovation”, AC Milan will continue to forge ahead towards the goal of “more than just a football club” and interpret the perfect combination of sports passion and elegance to the world.

On the new jersey, AC Milan’s iconic red and black stripes present a symmetrical design of different widths, and the innovative width ratio implies the balance between tradition and modernity in Milan.Just like this city, from the stadium to the street and then to the magnificent skyline, while continuing the tradition, it is changing with each passing day.

Skyscrapers are constantly refreshing the height of the city, and inclusive new trends of thought continue to surge. The people of Milan are eager to open their minds, embrace the world, look to the future, and are eager to open a new era for the fashion capital of the world.

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