Barcelona Home Shirt 2020-21
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Barcelona Home Shirt 2020-21

The Spanish club Barcelona officially announced the team’s new home jersey for the 2020-21 season. The new jersey continues to be designed and technically guaranteed by Nike. Its design inspiration comes from the 1920s. The first golden period.

The new jersey style returns to the traditional vertical stripe design and is embellished with characteristic golden yellow elements. The red and blue stripes are separated by thin gold and yellow lines, reminiscent of the club’s crest used on the jerseys of the 1920s.

Another eye-catching feature of the new jersey is the golden round neck, and the Catalan “flag” appears just below the collar on the back of the jersey.

In the 1920s, soccer became a sporting phenomenon in Barcelona, when Barcelona legends such as Samitier, Alcántara, Zamora, Sagi, Piera and Sancho attracted a great deal of attention.These people have become the heroes of Barcelona. Together they formed a legendary team and attracted a huge following which led to the construction of the club’s first home stadium, the Les Corts Stadium, in 1922.Of the many victories of that era, the most celebrated was the 1928 Spanish Championship (predecessor to the Copa del Rey), which Barcelona won in the final against Real Sociedad.Then in 1929, Barcelona won the first Spanish Football League championship, which later became the most important football competition in Spain.

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