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Chelsea Away Shirt 2021-22

Chelsea Away Shirt 2021-22

Nike and Chelsea FC have unveiled the team’s new second away shirt for the 2021-22 season.

With Chelsea aiming to build on the Champions League they won last season, the new season’s second away shirt has youthful energy as its core feature, reflecting the new era the team is in.

Chelsea FC has long been associated with fashion culture, and Nike worked with Chelsea fans in the fashion world, asking them for suggestions on shirt designs. By engaging with them and taking their views on board, Nike was able to create a collection of kits that truly expressed the spirit of the club and its fans.

Outdoor casual wear, a staple of London street fashion, was a theme that inspired the new jerseys, with bold prints and colors in the style of Nike’s ACG brand infused into a collection that truly reflects the multicultural fabric of the London and Chelsea community.

Green and black have long been associated with Nike’s outdoor casual wear, and bright scarlet is full of energy, a pop of color that just reflects the youthful energy of the club.The “Pride of London” icon is located inside the collar of the jersey, reminding people of the club’s value and status in the British capital.

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