Crystal Palace Away Kit 2021-22
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Crystal Palace Away Kit 2021-22

The Premier League Crystal Palace Club officially launched the team’s new PUMA special edition second away jersey for the 2021-22 season, celebrating the club’s origins 160 years ago.

The sky blue and white half jerseys are based on the colors and styles worn by Crystal Palace’s first team, formed by cricketers who wanted to continue playing in the winter.The “CPFC 1861” logo on the back of the jersey recognizes Crystal Palace’s key role in the development of modern football as the oldest club in the current professional league.

Crystal Palace was the second organized football team to be established in London. After completing its first official game in March of the following year, seven of its members participated in the founding of The Football Association in 1863 and passed The rules of the sport are in place and it can all be found in the minutes of the FA’s original meeting.Crystal Palace were also instrumental in organizing The FA Cup in 1871, the oldest cup competition in football history, which is currently celebrating its 150th anniversary.

The jersey also features a looming silhouette of the Crystal Palace, a massive steel and glass structure that was moved from Hyde Park to Sydenham after the Great Exhibition.The 200-acre ground is owned and operated by the Crystal Palace Company, which founded the cricket club in 1857 and where the football club was born.

Crystal Palace’s place in football history comes after five years of research by historian Peter Manning, who found evidence of a direct lineage between the original amateur team and the professional club founded in 1905.Although the team took a break from playing in the late 19th century, the professional club recognized the historical relationship with the former amateur club in its 1906 handbook,And proudly lists the names of some of the Crystal Palace players who were selected for the England squad in the early 1870s.

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