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Umbro × Werder Bremen “How Deep Is Your Love” theme jersey

Umbro × Werder Bremen “How Deep Is Your Love” theme jersey

Umbro and the German Werder Bremen Club jointly launched a jersey with the theme “How Deep Is Your Love”.

For fans, tattoos are the ultimate gesture of devotion to the club and game they love. Each tattoo tells a story of highs and lows, crests and colours, and an absolutely unforgettable moment.

“How Deep Is Your Love” is a series that explores the personal stories and memorable moments behind some fan tattoos.In the first chapter, Umbro unveils the unique tattoo stories of Werder Bremen players and fans together with Werder Bremen and renowned jersey artist Floor Wesseling from Blood In Blood Out.

Werder Bremen players Leonardo Bittencourt, Marco Friedl and Tony Jung kicked off the event by sharing some of their most meaningful tattoos and stories.Hundreds of supporters then shared stories of their tattoos, ranging from club crests to famous Bremen landmarks and even a camper van.

From all the entries, 39 tattoos were carefully selected and finally transformed into a unique jersey design, which will be worn by the Werder Bremen men’s and women’s teams in the upcoming games.

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