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Venezia FC Away Shirt 2021-22

Venezia FC Away Shirt 2021-22

Just 24 hours after the new season’s home jersey was unveiled, Kappa teamed up with Italy’s Venezia FC to start exploring new areas by releasing a distinctive 2021-22 season away jersey.

The jersey is based on cream, and the club’s iconic orange, black and green are interpenetrated and blended on the jersey.

Like the home jersey, the design of the away jersey is inspired by the classic details of the city of Venice.In this case, the tiled triangle pattern on the away kit draws on the mosaic tradition of the city of Venice.To bring this connection to life, the campaign for the new jersey was shot at the historic Golden Palace (Ca’ d’Oro) on the Grand Canal, now a public museum called Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro, featuring a stunning mosaic decoration on the porch floor.It was part of the life work of the last owner of the palace, Baron Giorgio Franchetti.

For added detail, the away shirt also features gold accents, including “Venezia” in gold on the chest and a special edition club crest with gold trim.

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