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Venezia FC Away Shirt 2022-23

Venezia FC Away Shirt 2022-23

As the second piece of the new season series, Kappa and the Italian Venezia FC jointly launched the team’s new away jersey for the 2022-23 season, which subtly forms a yin and yang relationship with the new season’s home jersey.

The home jersey for the new season is dark black, elegantly embellished with an orange and green two-tone strip, showing a luxurious aesthetic; the away jersey is light cream, decorated with bright orange and green stripes, creating a fresh and sporty look. style.

Corresponding to the classic lapel of the home jersey, the away jersey uses a comfortable sports ribbed crew neck.The gold trim has also been adjusted, with the words “Città di Venezia” written in elegant serif script on the home shirt being rendered in a more modern bold font on the away shirt.

However, these two seemingly different jerseys, designed by Bureau Borsche and perfected by Kappa, share a common DNA:Not only are they presented in the same minimalist approach, but the orange and green stripes that run throughout the home and away kits happen to be 10mm wide, emphasizing this commonality with unique detailing.

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