West Ham United 2022-23 Home Shirt
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West Ham United 2022-23 Home Shirt

Umbro and the Premier League West Ham United Club jointly launched the team’s new home jersey for the 2022-23 season.The new burgundy and sky blue jersey is tailor-made for this important moment when the “Hammers” are about to embark on another European journey.

Inspired by the iconic jersey style worn by Billy Bonds’ ascendant team 30 years ago,The new home jersey reinterprets classic designs with a modern twist.Featuring the club’s traditional color scheme, the burgundy body of the home jersey for the new season complements the sky blue and white scratch-off graffiti details on the sleeves.

The new jerseys are destined to evoke memories for old fans of the likes of Julian Dicks, Trevor Morley and Ian Bishop.The highly anticipated new generation of “Hammer Gang” will wear this jersey for multi-line combat and start another exciting new season.

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