adidas × Human Race × Bayern Munich joint series jersey
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adidas × Human Race × Bayern Munich joint series jersey

Adidas and Human Race have launched a new range of kits inspired by the classic history and glorious moments of five major soccer clubs – Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

The new series of jerseys are jointly created with Pharrell Williams, the creative director of Human Race and adidas partner.Draw inspiration from the team’s history and use the team’s cultural heritage as the basis for design.The club’s classic moments have been reinvented with Human Race’s understanding of humanistic design.Interpret the current football culture, be inspired by the imperfect beauty of human spiritual civilization, and use this to pay tribute to the glorious history of the five major clubs.

Farrell creatively interprets classic jerseys through traditional art forms, and uses hand-painted elements as the core of the design to create a jersey series with a unified style.The entire design process is carried out in reverse. First, the simple cotton T-shirt is used as the canvas to create an original hand-painted design full of humanistic temperament and expressive force.From the club logo to the partner logo, the details of the jersey are exquisitely presented in the form of paintings to achieve the unity of the overall style.On this basis, Farrell and the design team further integrated Adidas innovative technology to create sports performance elite jerseys.

For the first time, five major soccer clubs have come together to convey the spirit of humanity through a partnership with Human Race.Farrell and the adidas design team wanted to show everyone that football is about people and that everyone can participate – we celebrate individuality and unite as one.

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