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Argentina National Team 2022 World Cup Away Jersey

Argentina National Team 2022 World Cup Away Jersey

Adidas and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) jointly released the new away jersey of the Argentine national team today, which will be unveiled by the Argentine players during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

For the first time in history, Argentina will play in a purple jersey inspired by gender equality, an initiative that incorporates the values of diversity and inclusion.The “May Sun” pattern on the back collar echoes the home jersey, and the blazing flames on the body also come from the “May Sun”. The pursuit of fairness in football.

Under the guidance of the new slogan “El sentimiento de un país” launched when the home jersey came out in July, the new jersey aims to pay tribute to Argentina’s national feelings and identity, and help unite all teams and fans of the Argentine Football Association. strength.Football is a true Argentine tradition, and whenever the national team plays, Argentines gather with family or friends in front of the TV or in the stadium.

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