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Arsenal Away Shirt 2021-22

Arsenal Away Shirt 2021-22

Adidas released the Arsenal Club’s new away jersey for the 2021-22 season today. Inspired by the 1971 away jersey, it pays tribute to the double crown season in which the Gunners won the league and cup and won the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium.

In terms of jersey design, the cannon logo replaced the previous club badge, which will also become Arsenal’s first cannon logo jersey in the Premier League.

The new away jersey features a pearl lemon yellow color scheme, the body is decorated with the college navy blue brand logo, and the sleeves are embellished with dark red details.Also worth mentioning is the cannon logo on the jersey. The last time the team used a cannon to replace the team logo design dates back to the 1988-90 season, when the jersey was also designed by Adidas.

All of Arsenal’s 2021-22 season kits feature the ‘Arsenal for Everyone’ logo on the back collar, a nod to the diversity of the Arsenal family.

Arsenal for Everyone is Arsenal’s diversity and inclusion campaign launched in 2008 to make every member of the team community feel the same sense of belonging.

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