Belgium National Team 2022 World Cup Away Jersey
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Belgium National Team 2022 World Cup Away Jersey

As anticipation builds for the 2022 World Cup, adidas, the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) and Tomorrowland proudly present the second chapter of their unique collaboration,And launched a new away jersey for the Belgian Red Devils.With the new jersey, the Belgian Red Devils and related partners intend to make a positive and interesting LOVE statement in this smoky era.

Based on the long history of the Belgian team’s away jersey, the new jersey uses white as the main tone.Like the football-inspired holiday apparel collection in Chapter 1, the holiday-inspired jerseys feature the “LOVE” slogan with bold graphic prints.The graphic print is inspired by Tomorrowland Electronic Music Festival’s famous fireworks and serves as a symbol of shared values such as diversity, equality and inclusion.

The graphic print on each jersey is slightly different, making each jersey unique.The “LOVE” slogan of the player version of the jersey is on the inside of the collar, while the fan version of the jersey is on the outside.The logo of Tomorrowland is subtly integrated into the letter O, reminding everyone to praise life more and praise each other.

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