Japan national team 2020 season home jersey
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Japan national team 2020 season home jersey

Adidas and the Japan Football Association (JFA) jointly announced the new home jersey of the Japanese national team for the 2020 season today.Based on the design concept of “日本晴れ (Japan Clear Sky)”, we look forward to the clear sky in 2020, and use various blue sky patterns to connect them into a “sky collage”.

Players and supporters saw the same sky from different locations, connecting them together and looking forward to a cloudless “Japan Clear Sky”.I hope that the Japanese team will also be like a clear sky, bringing hope to the whole of Japan

The new jersey uses five different blue colors to represent the sky seen in different places, forming a “sky collage”. The style of the pattern is derived from the traditional Japanese art Ukiyo-e.On the back of the jersey, the brighter blue than ever before appears in the best image of the blue sky, which is the common blue sky in everyone’s mind.

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