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Leicester City 2022-23 Season Home Shirt

Leicester City 2022-23 Season Home Shirt

Along with the “Create Iconic” campaign, Adidas and Leicester City unveiled the team’s new home kit for the 2022-23 season.The event celebrates the great moments in the club’s history that have anchored the shirts in the club’s history and embedded them in the memories of every Foxes fan.

Each jersey is able to evoke memories of players, goals and classic moments from the past.In the new season, the club’s men’s and women’s teams will seek to add to these memories, creating moments that will define the jersey’s place in “Fox” folklore for years to come.

Combining the striking white lapels, collars and cuffs that were synonymous with the team under Jimmy Bloomfield in the 1970s.As well as the “dynamic fox,” made famous by the likes of Gary Lineker and Alan Smith in the 1980s, the new season’s home jersey carries the iconic elements of jerseys from a bygone era.

The new jerseys were photographed at King Power Stadium with the participation of the club’s male and female first team players and youth team players.

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