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The Debut of Manchester City’s 2021-22 Away Kit: An Inspired Tribute to Global Water Conservation

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A Dynamic Collaboration for a Greater Cause

The world faces an enormous challenge: safe water accessibility, a predicament affecting one in three individuals across the globe. Rising to the occasion is Manchester City Football Club, standing firmly at the intersection of sport and social responsibility. In partnership with PUMA, the world-renowned sports brand, Manchester City unveiled their 2021-22 away kit – a design beyond aesthetics. The new kit is a tribute to Cityzens Giving, the club’s global charitable initiative. It is committed to raising global consciousness of the necessity for safe water usage, leveraging the widespread influence of football.

The collaboration is strategic. It includes PUMA, Cityzens Giving, and Xylem, the official water technology partner of Manchester City. The joint endeavor aims to address the pressing issue of water scarcity, promising to provide clean water resources to communities in need and advocating improved environmental and personal hygiene.

Elevating Global Standards through the Power of Football

Expressing his pride in the club’s initiative, Tom Pitchon, Director of the City Football Foundation, has lauded the new away kit as a unique platform to support needy communities. The fundamental objective of Cityzens Giving is to empower global youth leaders, enabling them to confront social challenges using football as a medium. The synergy between PUMA, Cityzens Giving, and Xylem is expected to enhance living standards for millions of people worldwide. “Our match kit represents the club’s stance on global issues, and we are thrilled that this season’s jersey design emphasizes the crucial issue of clean water accessibility,” Pitchon affirmed.

When Design Meets Advocacy

More than just a piece of sportswear, the new kit’s design is both aesthetic and symbolic. The jersey integrates water droplet motifs, spotlighting the safe water program and Cityzens Giving initiative. The club badge, brand logo, and sponsor logos all feature a distinctive rainbow-plated effect, creating an arresting visual metaphor of light refracting through a water droplet.

Innovation for Sustainable Manufacturing

PUMA has not only played a pivotal role in the kit’s design but also in its sustainable production. The sports giant used an innovative Dope Dye manufacturing process, significantly reducing the usage of water and dye. Heiko Desens, Global Creative Director at PUMA, asserted that the new away kit project is unique and that the close collaboration with Manchester City and its partners aims to support communities and elevate PUMA’s sustainability standards.

The kit is a testament to sustainable fashion. It successfully merges 100% recycled polyester with PUMA’s advanced dryCELL thermoregulation technology. The result is a jersey that ensures comfort and high performance while minimizing environmental impact.

A Grand Debut: More than Just a Game

Football fans should keep their eyes peeled on August 7th, when the new away kit will appear. Manchester City will sport their new jerseys at the Community Shield match against Leicester City at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

In the end, the launch of Manchester City’s new kit serves as a reminder that football is not just a game; it’s a platform with the power to impact society positively. The emphasis on global clean water scarcity is a testament to Manchester City’s commitment to championing critical social causes, sparking awareness, and driving tangible action worldwide.

Blending Performance with Sustainable Innovation

Every detail in the new away kit is meticulously considered. PUMA’s dryCELL technology offers superior moisture management, keeping players dry and comfortable during intense matches. Using 100% recycled polyester, the kit also aligns with sustainability goals, reducing environmental impact without compromising performance or style. It’s an excellent example of how ecological consciousness and athletic performance can go hand-in-hand.

A Unique Visual Language for a Greater Cause

Manchester City’s new away kit is not just an article of clothing; it’s a statement. The water droplet motifs serve as a constant reminder of the global water crisis. At the same time, the rainbow-plated effect on the logos adds an artistic flair, symbolizing light refracting through a water droplet. It’s a clever nod to the kit’s underlying message and commitment to promoting clean water access.

From the Football Field to Global Communities

The collaboration between Manchester City, PUMA, and Xylem transcends the football field, aiming to make a significant difference in global communities. It underscores the power of partnerships and how unity among entities can effectively address social issues. By choosing to spotlight the pressing issue of water scarcity through the design of the away kit, they’ve created a movement that reaches far beyond football, inspiring fans and communities to take action.

The New Kit’s Grand Unveiling

The unveiling of the new away kit at the Community Shield match between Manchester City and Leicester City isn’t just a sporting event and a global call to action. As Manchester City players step onto the pitch clad in their new jerseys, they will represent more than just a football club. They will stand as ambassadors of a critical global cause, amplifying the message of water conservation to a worldwide audience.

Conclusion: More Than a Game

As a universal language, football can be an effective vehicle for social change. As Manchester City takes to the field in their 2021-22 away kit, they’re not just playing to win but to raise awareness about global water scarcity. Their commitment is a powerful testament to the potential of sport to transcend boundaries and inspire change worldwide. Manchester City’s new kit carries more than the club’s badge; it has a message, a cause, and a commitment to making a significant difference in the world.

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