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Saluting Manchester City’s Past and Future: PUMA’s Retro-Modern 2022-23 Away Kit Revealed

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A Stylish Throwback to a Golden Era

In the world of football, every jersey tells a story. Today, global sportswear titan PUMA turned the page to a new chapter in the Manchester City Football Club narrative with the official launch of the 2022-23 away kit. This carefully crafted kit breathes new life into a cherished red-and-black striped design from one of Manchester City’s golden eras. In homage to the club’s daring and determined football tradition, the kit signifies a nod to the past and the thrilling promise of a new season’s journey.

A Design Worth a Thousand Victories

The 2022-23 away kit design doesn’t just look back – it transports us to a specific moment. The year was 1969, and the Manchester City team, under the stewardship of legendary coach Malcolm Allison, donned a unique kit featuring vertically striped red and black. This design became a part of history, witnessing the club’s triumphant victories in the prestigious 1969 FA Cup, the 1970 League Cup, and the European Cup Winners’ Cup final. The iconic jersey is more than just fabric – it symbolizes an era of glory, and understandably, it has remained close to the hearts of fans over the decades.

When Football History Meets Space Exploration

Sporting the brand-new kit for the first time, Manchester City will face Mexico’s Club América on July 20 in a pre-season match. On this particular day, the team paid tribute to one of humanity’s most outstanding achievements – the first moon landing, which took place on July 20, 1969. In an exciting twist of fate, this day also marks the unveiling of Manchester City’s original red-and-black away kit, intertwining milestones from football history and space exploration. As part of the tribute, the team visited NASA’s Space Center in Houston, which signifies the club’s deep respect for groundbreaking achievements.

A Classic Revived with a Modern Twist

In designing the kit, PUMA sought to bridge the past and the future. Marco Mueller, PUMA’s Senior Director of Football Products, explained the design’s significance: “As one of the most exciting teams globally, Manchester City’s thrilling moments on the field have deeply resonated with its fans. We aim to revive the club’s most successful and iconic designs with the new away kit while injecting them with a modern twist.” One such twist includes angling the stripes on the shirt as a tribute to the three rivers symbolized in the club’s crest, a detail reflecting the deep bonds between the club, the city, and its fans.

The Nostalgic Charm of the New Design

Manchester City ambassador Mike Summerbee shared his enthusiasm: “I am thrilled to see the iconic shirt design from a significant era in the club’s history being recreated. This kit is more than just a uniform; it is a tangible link to our past. I hope it stirs nostalgia and pride among Manchester City fans worldwide, reminding us of the incredible generation who wore the original and created history.”

Innovations for Optimal Performance and Environmental Responsibility

In keeping with the evolving demands of the sport and sustainability, the 2022-23 Manchester City away kit comes in two versions. The player edition, engineered with PUMA’s lightest-ever performance fabric ULTRAWEAVE, offers improved breathability and features dryCELL sweat-wicking technology. The fan version, manufactured from 100% recyclable polyester, also incorporates the reliable dryCELL sweat-wicking technology, ensuring fans enjoy the comfort and style of their favorite team’s kit while contributing to sustainability efforts.

A Storied Jersey Ready for New Legends

As the new season dawns, this launch signifies more than just unveiling a new kit. It’s a tribute to the club’s illustrious past, a symbol of its vibrant present, and a beacon illuminating its promising future. With the blend of retro design elements, modern technical enhancements, and a mindful approach toward sustainability, this kit is all set to carve out its legacy on and off the field.

Waiting for the Whistle

The anticipation is palpable as we look forward to seeing this brand-new kit in action during Manchester City’s pre-season match against Club América. More than just a game, it will be a testament to the club’s history and a celebration of football’s power to unite, inspire, and create lasting memories. As the players don the red-and-black stripes, they’ll carry with them the hopes and cheers of their fans worldwide, adding to the rich tapestry of Manchester City’s legacy.

So, mark your calendars for July 20, when football and space history collide, and Manchester City’s exciting new journey begins, one match at a time, in their stylish 2022-23 away kit.

Pre-order and Join the Legacy

The 2022-23 Manchester City away kit is available in player and fan versions and will soon be accessible to the club’s global fan base. Be sure to get yours and wear it with pride, embracing a part of Manchester City’s history as you cheer on the club in the upcoming season.

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