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Manchester United Home Shirt 2021-22

Manchester United Home Shirt 2021-22

Adidas and the Premier League Manchester United Club jointly released the team’s new home jersey for the 2021-22 season today. The design is inspired by the three pillars of the club’s philosophy: youth, courage and success.In order to create a modern, classic image, the (player version) jersey has subtle “three pillars” stripes woven into the fabric, while retaining the iconic red jersey of Manchester United throughout the history.

The words “Youth”, “Courage” and “Success” are engraved on the golden strap inside the collar of the jersey, further echoing the philosophy of the jersey.

The new jersey also draws on the famous long-sleeved crew neck jersey design of the 1960s, featuring a white crew neck and cuffs, and interpreting it in a fashionable nostalgic style.

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