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SC Internacional 2022-23 Season Second Away Jersey

Adidas has teamed up with SC Internacional to launch a new second away shirt for the 2022-23 season.The launch was set against the backdrop of the Museu Afro Brasil, which celebrates the great achievements and deep traditions of soccer in the country’s history.The new jersey is like a narrative work, telling a generation of fans in detail the trajectory of the team along the way, which resonates in people’s hearts.

Tracing back to the team’s roots, the new jersey pays tribute to the great pride of the “Colorado” fans, with a deep Rio Grande do Sul branding.The green, red and yellow from the state flag are all reflected in the details, forming a strong contrast with the deep black tone of the jersey.

The shirt embraces more of the “Red Devils” heritage, with the slogan “O Clube do Povo (The People’s Club)” engraved in the tricolor flag on the back of the collar, tying the honor-laden club to the passionate fans beyond the stadium.

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