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Switzerland National Team Away Jersey 2021

Switzerland National Team Away Jersey 2021

The world’s leading sports brand PUMA officially launched the new 2021 Swiss national team away jersey today.As part of the brand’s “Only See Great” overall plan, the new Swiss team away jersey uses a groundbreaking design concept to convey Switzerland’s unique national identity and national pride.

On the thorny road to the championship, the team must count every second in every game and fight for great moments. Inspired by the overall planning of the “Only See Great” project, PUMA broke the barriers between traditional jerseys and fashion in the design of the new Swiss away jersey, and used creative techniques to show the struggle and aggressiveness beyond the competitive level and focus.

The new Swiss national team away jersey is dominated by classic white, with the Swiss country name occupying the center of the jersey, complemented by the PUMA brand logo and the iconic Swiss flag on the top and bottom.Red lines and light cross prints are the finishing touches to the entire design.

PUMA Global Creative Director (Heiko Desens) introduced: “The latest national team away jersey subverts the traditional jersey design concept. We hope that the breakthrough design can bring new energy. The new jersey is built to celebrate the national honor and inspire The team is on the way to the glory of the European Cup this summer. The design of the new jersey is only the beginning of the PUMA brand continuing to break through the boundaries and upgrade.”

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