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Wales representative team Euro 2020 home jersey

Wales representative team Euro 2020 home jersey

Adidas today released its sponsored Euro 2020 home jersey series, which combines art and football culture, and the design inspiration of each jersey comes from the similarities between these regions.

The unique jersey design is not digital, but rather hand-drawn by the Adidas designers themselves.These artworks, created by designers, express the passion and emotions shared by the fans and the players.It also ended up being the inspiration for the jersey graphics, color choices and digital graphics.

The new Wales home shirt has a strong Welsh cultural identity with red and yellow details taken from the Glendower flag.Designed as a tribute to Welsh supporters, the cuff is called the ‘Red Wall’ and incorporates the iconic green, white and red colors of the Welsh flag.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of the European Cup, UEFA will host the 2020 European Cup in 12 countries,This is the biggest event to date.In commemoration, adidas has designed special stamp icons for each game jersey.The printed version of each stamp is written in the language of the host country, and the shape of the stamp corresponds to the outline of the playing field.

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