Ajax Away Shirt 2022-23
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Ajax Away Shirt 2022-23

Adidas and the Dutch Ajax club jointly released the team’s new away jersey for the 2022-23 season.Ajax will travel to Fortuna Sittard next weekend and the defending champions will start the season in a dark blue away kit with red and gold details.

On the dark blue jersey, the club badge, various sponsor logos and the numbers on the back are all gold, and the red is integrated into it through the three championship stars on the chest and the Adidas three stripes on the shoulders.Another eye-catching detail is the woven collar and cuffs. The combination of continuous St. Andrew’s cross and the theme color of the jersey creates an interesting pattern.

In addition to the details on the dark blue jersey, the matching shorts are also red, with dark blue Adidas three-stripes and gold detailing. In addition, the colors and patterns of the away socks for the new season are in line with the jersey.

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