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Chelsea Home Shirt 2022-23

Chelsea Home Shirt 2022-23

Nike and the Premier League Chelsea Club jointly announced the team’s new home jersey for the 2022-23 season. The design of the new jersey is designed to pay tribute to Ted Drake, one of the most important figures in club history.

It has been 70 years since Drake joined Chelsea as manager in 1952 and his influence can still be felt strongly at Stamford Bridge today.The theme of commemorating Drake has been continued in the club’s new season’s home kit design, and some of the innovative changes he made in Chelsea’s modernization process have been recognized, becoming one of the most important turning points in the club’s history.

The visionary ex-Chelsea manager is best remembered for leading his side to their first top-flight title in 1955.On the other hand, he revolutionized the club off the pitch, made a huge contribution and left Chelsea with a long-term legacy, which is shown in the new home kit.

Drake changed Chelsea’s nickname from ‘The Pensioners’ to ‘The Blues’, which he believes is a better fit for the dynamic team he has built.The “Blues” name has remained since then and will also appear on the collar button details of the new shirts.

The Chelsea crest now largely resembles the one first worn on the team’s shirt in 1960-61, Drake’s final season in charge at Stamford Bridge, and the ‘roaring blue lion’ remains and continues to inspire Lead the Blues to fight for honor.This emblem symbolizes Chelsea’s determination and fearlessness, with the lion emblem appearing in the form of a turquoise pattern on the neckline.A detail that evokes 1950s style with a contemporary edge, it’s as fresh today as Drake’s vision of the future was then.

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