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Empowering the Future: PUMA × Manchester City’s 2023 Collection Champions Women’s Football

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Celebrating Female Athletes: A Collection with a Powerful Message

PUMA, a sports brand with global recognition and influence, has launched an innovative venture with the Manchester City Football Club. More than a stylish pre-match apparel series, this collection is an homage to Manchester’s female footballers and football-enthusiastic girls. The collection’s eye-catching designs pay tribute to the inspiring and resilient Emmeline Pankhurst (1858 – 1928). A Manchester native and one of the most influential suffragettes, Pankhurst’s commitment to women’s rights motivates and encourages future generations.

Teamwork for Change: An Inspiring Collaboration

At the heart of this initiative lies a meaningful partnership. PUMA and “City in the Community,” a charity supported by Manchester City, have committed to a collaborative project. Their joint mission? To dramatically enhance access to football for girls in the Greater Manchester area. The Manchester City men’s team will embody the spirit of this partnership on March 4th as they warm up in the new collection before their match against Newcastle United at the Etihad Stadium. The following day, the women’s team will take to the pitch at the Academy Stadium, showcasing the collection in their game against Tottenham Hotspur Women.

A Sporting Challenge: Addressing Girls’ Limited Access to Sports

Recent studies have unveiled a concerning trend – most girls feel left out of sports. The data reveal that 80% of girls think they are isolated from sporting activities, with a meager 14% of girls aged 5 to 16 reaching the recommended level of physical activity. PUMA has decided to confront this challenge head-on by sponsoring the “City Girls” initiative run by “City in the Community.” The project’s primary goal is to organize free weekly football classes for 250 girls across Manchester over the next 12 months.

Education and Expansion: Spreading the Love for Football

In a significant step forward, the “City Girls” project is set to reach Moss Side, the birthplace of Emmeline Pankhurst, for the first time. As a nod to the area’s rich history, the expansion will include a special educational week focused on the women’s suffrage movement, mirroring the impact of Pankhurst’s activism. At the same time, Manchester City is renewing its “Same City, Same Passion” campaign for the sixth consecutive year. This initiative aims to inspire young girls all over the globe to embrace the beautiful game of football.

Commitment to Positive Change: Impacting Girls Globally

PUMA and Manchester City have a strong track record of fostering positive change. Since their collaboration began in 2018, they have gifted over 6000 footballs to girls worldwide. This year, they are taking it a step further. The footballs distributed will feature designs inspired by the Pankhurst-influenced Manchester City International Women’s Day pre-match collection.

A Tribute to Women: Honouring the Past, Inspiring the Future

Marco Mueller, Senior Director of PUMA’s Apparel Product Line, says, “The brand-new Manchester City pre-match series offers an ideal platform for PUMA to continue advocating for women’s football and celebrating inspiring female figures.” He emphasizes that the collection, inspired by Manchester’s Emmeline Pankhurst, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of PUMA’s collaboration with “City in the Community.” It aims to equip girls in the community with football gear and provide free lessons, encouraging their engagement with the sport and sparking a lifelong love for football.

PUMA’s Commitment: Taking Women’s Football to New Heights

PUMA has long championed women’s participation in sports, and this collaboration with Manchester City is a shining example of this commitment. By creating an apparel collection that reflects the spirit of female footballers and young enthusiasts, PUMA strives to impact women’s perception and representation in sports positively. Moreover, by aligning with Manchester City and the “City in the Community” charity, PUMA demonstrates the power of collaboration in fostering change and pushing the boundaries of inclusivity in sports.

Making Waves: Fashion Meets Activism

While the striking design of the collection pays homage to the city’s illustrious history and the iconic suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, it serves a more profound purpose. Each piece in the group is a conversation starter, sparking discourse around women’s rights and gender equality in sports. The Manchester City men’s and women’s teams lend their voices and platforms to this significant cause by wearing these pieces. They are role models, inspiring young girls to challenge norms and dream bigger.

The Power of Play: Confronting Exclusion in Sports

Sports participation is an essential aspect of a child’s growth and development. However, the existing gender gap is concerning. By sponsoring the “City Girls” initiative, PUMA takes a tangible step towards increasing female involvement in sports. Their free football classes allow girls to experience the joy and benefits of football, potentially sparking a lifelong passion and paving the way for future female athletes.

Expansion and Education: Bridging the Gap

The “City Girls” project’s expansion to Moss Side signals a significant leap forward. This move to Emmeline Pankhurst’s birthplace reflects a deep respect for the region’s history and its powerful female icon. The special educational week on the women’s suffrage movement will educate and inspire young girls about the power and potential they hold to effect change.

Lasting Impact: A Legacy of Positive Change

Since they collaborated in 2018, PUMA and Manchester City have made significant strides in promoting girls’ involvement in football. The donation of over 6000 footballs worldwide attests to their dedication. This year, their commitment deepens as they incorporate the Pankhurst-inspired design into the footballs, a constant reminder of the power of women and their potential to influence the world.

A Salute to Women: Celebrating Inspirational Female Figures

“The brand-new Manchester City pre-match series not only provides PUMA with the perfect platform to continue supporting women’s football but also allows us to honor inspiring female figures,” Marco Mueller, Senior Director of PUMA’s Apparel Product Line, affirms. This collection, with its roots in the story of Manchester’s Emmeline Pankhurst, encapsulates the essence of the PUMA-“City in the Community” collaboration. More than just providing gear and lessons, this venture inspires girls in the community to engage with football, fostering passion, promoting fitness, and building confidence.

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